Elizabeth Hurley discusses single motherhood and the deaths her ‘great love’ Shane Warne, Steve Bing, and Shane Warne.

Elizabeth Hurley opens up about grief and single motherhood. (Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images for BCRF)

Elizabeth Hurley shares her thoughts on grief and single motherhood. (Photo: Noam Gali/Getty Images BCRF)

Elizabeth Hurley Is sharing her feelings of grief and raising Damian, age 20, as a single parent.

The Austin Powers star, 57, spoke to The Times This week is all about being single mom. Hurley has a son with Steve Bing (the late screenwriter and film financier), but he did nothing to raise Damian. Damian had never met his biological father, according to reports. died by suicide in 2020.

“As a single mother, my life’s mission was to be the best parent I could,” Hurley explained to The Times. “Always to be there for Damian, getting him up in the morning and there last thing at night. Unless my sister or mother were there, I never left the house for a night. I had childcare, but still I never left him.”

Hurley said that Damian was also loved by men she dated, including her “wonderful stepfather” Arun Naryar and a cricket player. Shane Warne, who died earlier this year. The Christmas in the Caribbean actress said of Warne, “Damian loved him and had a great relationship with his three children in those formative years.”

Supermodel and supermodel, Kim Kardashian, admitted that it was difficult for her and Damian to see Bing and Warne go.

“Of the four great loves of my life two are dead — I always say to the other two, you’d better watch your backs. It was hard, and still is. The loss of Shane was devastating. It’s taken a long time to sink in,” she noted. “I honestly kept thinking he’d call and it would turn out to be some big Aussie joke.”

She shared that “losing Stephen was something else completely.”

“We’d been estranged for so long but made up towards the end, and a bright and different future looked as if it was opening up, but of course it didn’t,” Hurley said. “For Damian, his death was more of a mental challenge because he didn’t know him as a person. Arun was his father figure. Arun still calls him son. Damian calls Shane Dad. Shane was more of an uncle figure. But yes, all those things, combined with COVID and lockdown — that was a huge amount for a young person to process.”

Damian spoke out on Instagram about both Bing and Warne’s deaths. The one year mark of Bing’s passing in June 2021, Damian wrote alongside an image of a purple sunset, “A year ago today, my mother and I received some devastating news. I didn’t realise at the time quite how much it would affect me… We all like to show ‘perfect’ versions of our lives- for me, the idea of publicly discussing something as personal as grief is terrifying… but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s been a difficult year for all of us, and it is important to acknowledge that. It’s not weak to struggle. To get to the other side of the fence is incredibly difficult.

He will be 88 in March 2022. shared a throwback photo Warne and him as a tribute to the late sportsman.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around this,” Damian captioned the post. “SW was a father figure to me for most of my formative years and was truly one the best men I’ve ever known. My heart is broken. Thinking of and sending love to all SW’s family.”

In an October interview with Yahoo Life, Hurley — who is an advocate for breast cancer research — opened up about wanting to stay healthy so she can stay in her son’s life.

“[My son] This plays a huge part in it. “I mean, I’m single mother with one child, so I don’t want him to go,” she stated at the time. We all want breast cancer to end for women, both for their own health and that of our families. Of course we do. We don’t want anyone to get breast cancer.

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