Erika Jayne says Denise Richards is on ‘another level’ during heated confrontation in ‘RHOBH’ sneak peek

Denise Richards wants to get to the root of her problems with Erika Jayne.

During a sneak peek of the next episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Richards asked Jayne where their friendship went wrong since they both liked each other in the beginning.

“I do have a question for you,” Richards asked Jayne at a cannabis-infused dinner party they both attended. “…You and I, the first time I met you, you were so sweet and so lovely, and then a year later, it was a different dynamic.”

But Jayne said she didn’t know what Richards was talking about because she “didn’t feel anything personal” towards her co-star.

“No. You know what I’m talking about,” Richards replied. “I’m asking you, what did I do to you?”

After Jayne asked for clarification, Richards said she was happy to explain their apparent dilemma to her. Once she started talking, Richards apologized for her strained voice and said she was only speaking that way because she has a “bad cold.”

“Well, I’m high, but I don’t know what she is,” Jayne said in a confessional. “But she’s on another level.”

Cast members Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley also said they noticed that Richards was acting differently.

“Denise is slurring her words a little bit. Maybe Denise had a drink before she came because she was nervous,” Beauvais said in a confessional.

Kemsley added, “I don’t know what Denise is partaking in, but I don’t want some right now.”

At the dinner party, Richards kept trying to get Jayne to come clean, but every time she asked, Jayne said she had no clue what Richards was talking about.

Richards also received more and more worrisome looks from castmates, who wondered if she was OK.

“You really don’t?” Richards snarked to Jayne.

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember,” Jayne replied.

That wasn’t the only eventful moment at the table. Earlier in the clip, Kyle Richards lost her temper when Beauvais asked about her wedding ring. Kyle Richards is currently going through a separation from Mauricio Umansky, her husband of 27 years.

“What’s with the new band?” Beauvais asked.

“You haven’t been wearing your wedding ring,” Stracke chimed in.

Although Kyle Richards replied by saying her ring was “in the bank,” Stracke said, “Well, you know, all of these things kind of add up.”

At that point, Beauvais said she thought that Kyle Richards was wearing a “make-up band” from Umansky, implying it was a form of apology.

However, Kyle Richards didn’t take the speculation very well.

“So what you’re saying is if my husband cheated on me?” she said as dramatic music played in the background.

“Did I say that?” Stracke replied.

But Kyle Richards stuck to her guns.

“You want my husband to have cheated and bought me that band that he did not buy me,” she said, adding she bought the ring herself.

“Everyone’s saying, ‘What’s going on with you?’” she added. “If I’m having a good time and I’m exercising and not drinking because guess what, even if I have two glasses of wine, the next day I feel down and depressed. I can’t afford to be depressed right now.”

The next episode of “RHOBH” airs on Bravo Dec. 6.

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