All that Miles Sanders said at the Super Bowl media conference

Former Penn State running back Miles Sanders He is getting ready to play in his first Super Bowl. Sanders and the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles AFC champion will be faced Kansas City Chiefs This Sunday’s big game. It was Monday evening in Arizona and it was opening night.

Sanders is coming off a career best regular season scored two touchdowns in the Eagles’ NFC championship game victory Over the San Francisco 49ers. He might not be the Eagles MVP finalist quarterback Jalen HUTS, but he has been a crucial ingredient for the Eagles this year, and he could be in for an excellent game against the Chiefs.

Here’s what Sanders had to share with media during Monday’s Super Bowl media night.

To play in Philadelphia, you must be tough

Miles Sanders has learned to embrace Philadelphia’s sports fan reputation. Sanders stated that to be able to play in Philly you must have passion and be hardworking. If you don’t, Sanders says you will hear about it.

Sanders feels vindicated

Sanders described the Eagles’ roster as an “all-star team” before the NFL season even began. At the time, Sanders’ comment made some truth given the offseason moves the franchise made to its roster, but even he may have been overestimating just how much validity that statement may have, but with eight players chosen for the Pro Bowl Games, Sanders has every right to take pride in his preseason comments.

Sanders gives praise to James Franklin, Penn State

Miles Sanders is Penn State’s only ex-player in the Super Bowl. So it was only fair that Sanders would give some credit. [autotag]James Franklin[/autotag] Penn State. Sanders thanked Franklin for his high-level recruiting and continued development of players after college.

Miles Sanders talks about his relationship to Damar Hamlin

You may already know that Sanders is friends with Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamelin. After Hamlin’s unfortunate incident in a late-season game against the Cincinnati Bengals where he had to be given CPR on the field, Sanders was as terrified as any. Sanders was interviewed about his relationship to Sanders during the Super Bowl media night.

“It is a blessing, and I am kind of lost for words to see my boy have that happen,” Sanders said Monday. “I thank everybody (around) the whole world for spreading love and that positivity toward him for him to be able to wake up.

“We were good friends before high school, through little league football, ages 13 or 14. High school was a time when we became closer friends, with both of us being high-ranking recruits and attending the same camps. Growing up I was very observant, and my mom taught me to leave away the people who don’t have your best interest. I was blessed to have Damar.”

Find out more about Sanders and Hamlin’s relationship and how Sanders was lifted by Fletcher Cox, his teammate via FOX Sports.

Miles Sanders is a big Barry Sanders fan

Few players are as great as Barry Sanders. Miles Sanders might not have seen Barry Sanders play, but his experience as a running back led him to appreciate and celebrate his greatness.

Sanders also mentioned LaDainian Tomlinson and LeVeon Bell as favorite running backs he actually watched when growing up, in case you didn’t feel old enough.

Miles Sanders might not be able to understand fantasy football.

Miles Sanders was either being sarcastic or didn’t truly understand what was being asked when asked to address fantasy football owners who were told not to draft him in their fantasy football leagues.

Story originally appeared on Nittany Lions Wire

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