Jared Allen, an ex-NFL de is now part of a curling squad that just beat the 2018 Olympic gold medalists

 Jared Allen spent 12 years in the NFL before his curling career. (Photo by MSA/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Before his career in curling, Jared Allen spent 12+ years in the NFL. (Photo by MSA/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jared Allen, a former NFL defensive end, continued his quest to be a United States Olympic Curling Team member after Jason Smith skippered his team. upset the team led by 2018 Olympic gold medalist John Smith Sunday, U.S. Championships 10-6.

Allen, 40, first picked up the sport in 2018 – months after he officially retired following 12 years in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers. Allen promised to win a medal in curling When he began to play and initially competed on a team Other ex-NFLers included Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans’ linebacker, and Michael Roos, Titans’ offensive tackle.

Although Allen did not make the 2022 Beijing team, he beat the other squad this year. Smith and Allen will represent the United States in Ottawa at the World Championships this spring if they win this event. This could bring them closer to the 2026 Winter Olympics, in Milan-Cortina (Italy).

Allen said that he thought curling would be easier than it actually was. “But I’m one those guys who, once a project is started, I will see it through. At nationals, our goal is to beat as many other teams as possible and land where we want.

Allen is competing in the U.S. Championships for the third time, and his team is ranked 89th by the World Curling Federation. Although there were obvious differences between football and curling, Allen was able to transition easily from one game to another.

It’s very different from what we are used to as football players. Allen said that this is what kept him so interested. “It’s a game that requires finesse, much like the short game in golf. You need to think twice before you hit the green. It is important to know how to control your body and emotions. This took some time.

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