Fear of God Prepares for the Second Delivery of “Eternal”, Collection

Jerry Lorenzo‘s Fear of God It is back with another shipment of its “Eternal”, which was its first delivery. initial debut In December 2022.

The second release is an extension of the original. It includes luxury wardrobe essentials. The timeless range is focused on quality and fit. Each item can be styled in a variety ways thanks to its minimalist aesthetic.

A blazer in black is paired with an oversized jacket and a zip-up hooded sweater. You can cinch the waist to change the silhouette. The piece is paired well with comfy pants with elongated drawstrings. The collection also includes white shirts, hoodies, cashmere sweatpants, and merino knit sweaters. Accessories include basic accessories like caps with the Fear of God logo.

For a complete look at the collection, scroll through the gallery. On February 10, the second shipment of the “Eternal”, range will arrive. Fear of God’s website Available at selected retail partners around the world

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