Fivetran supports the automation of the modern data lake on Amazon S3

Fivetran support of Amazon S3 with Apache Iceberg by Fivetran combines large volume, cost-effective data storage with easy access and comprehensive compliance

OAKLAND, Calif. April 4, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FivetranThe global leader in automated data movement, Amazon, today announced support of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Apache Iceberg data lakes format. Amazon S3 (an object storage service) is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers an industry-leading level of scalability and data availability. Apache Iceberg is an open-source data format widely supported by many. It offers atomic, consistent and isolated transactions for data lake. Fivetran is an automated data movement platform that anonymizes personally identifiable data (PII). It also automatically loads data into the lake by cleaning, normalizing, or transferring it.

Data lakes offer large storage capacities and support for multiple formats. They are a popular destination for data scientists who need to analyse huge data sets or conduct extensive data science projects. There are hundreds of thousands of data lakes that run on Amazon S3 and many enterprises have used them. They provide benefits such as improved business agility, better product development, customer service, and engagement, among others.

Aaron Peabody (Co-Founder and CEO of Untitled Firm) stated that Fivetran’s support for Amazon S3 is a huge deal for Distilled and anyone who builds external data and analytics products. “This new destination will allow our customers to access the full potential AWS’s services. Fivetran is so excited to invest in this destination. It will be a catalyst for Untitled’s product roadmap.

Fraser Harris, Vice-President of Product, Fivetran, said, “We now automatically remove, cleanse, deduplicate and make ready to analyze large volumes of semistructured data to power cloud lakes in the same reliable, secure way our customers get data into their clouds today.” AWS and Fivetran share the vision that organizations can’t be organized, managed, and accurate in their data lakes without increasing their complexity. They don’t realize the true value of the data stored there. Fivetran’s mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity, and this new support brings that promise to the world of data lakes.”

​​”We are delighted that the accessibility of Amazon S3 with Iceberg continues to grow,” said Greg Khairallah, Director of Analytics at AWS. “It’s an easy way for our customers to simplify data ingestion while providing customers the scalability of a data lake and the reliable data transformation of a data warehouse.”

As data lakes are used to perform analytics and extract insights, organizations are leveraging them to improve their marketing intelligence. Products like Amazon S3 (automated pipeline support) are helping to meet that demand. Tinuiti, one of the largest independent performance marketing firms, handles large volumes of data on a daily basis and must have a data lake — Amazon S3 in particular — to power their customers’ brand potential.

Lakshmi Ramesh Vice President Data Services, Tinuiti, stated, “The data lake” is an affordable, secure, robust, and cost-effective way to store all customer data. “The main challenge is in optimizing performance and accessibility, but with Fivetran’s support for Amazon S3 with Iceberg it will further optimize our Fivetran pipeline. Because the data lake is our only source of truth, it’s crucial that all data ingested by different sources be available in the data lake.

Modern organizations are focusing less on the manual steps of ingesting, cleansing, formatting, and then querying that data. Instead, they see great value in automating data lake management through pipeline governance and automation.

“Fivetran’s support for Amazon S3 and its standardization on Iceberg format makes it easier than ever for organizations to get their data into a lakehouse,” said Tomer Shiran, co-founder and CPO, Dremio. Organizations can quickly build an open data lakehouse architecture with Fivetran, AWS, and Dremio to allow users to query and access data, and give business insight based on that data.

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