Gus Kenworthy claims that Brady was the first to have a gay kiss.

Gus Kenworthy is present at the Los Angeles premiere 80 for Brady on January 31 at Regency Village Theatre. (Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images to Paramount Pictures

Gus Kenworthy, Olympic skier, is just one of many familiar faces who show up in 80 for Brady.

And the athlete-turned-actor, who appeared in nine episodes of TV’s American Horror Story In 2019, it was revealed VarietyFor Tuesday’s story,’s Mark Malkin. A big scene in his story, where he was seen “making out” to his boyfriend, did not make it into the final film.

Kenworthy stated that “they said they had to reduce it for time”, but “I think they cut it in Middle America.”

Yahoo Entertainment reached out to Paramount Pictures in order for comments.

Kenworthy claimed that he M3GANBrian Jordan Alvarez (the actor who plays his love interest) attempted to recreate the scene several times.

He stated that “they used the script for only one take”, but then “we did it like four to fives times, where we would just adlib insults at each others and then make out.”

He laughed as he stated that “some of them gotraunchy” and he would love for the scene to be included in a director’s cut.

Kenworthy has also been a full-time actor and comedian, in addition to his football comedy.

He said, “I have been auditioning and taking classes a lot.” “I have been writing and have several things in development. A book of essays is also in the works about my life and different experiences. It is related to the larger theme about being in the closet and coming up and persevering. However, it is told through short stories. It’s almost like a David Sedaris book.

Kenworthy will also be there this weekend told People that he would really love to star in a romantic comedy — his favorite kind of movie — while playing a gay character. (The 2015 gay athlete was outed.

He said, “I think it’s such an amazing formula and I would love get to plug into that a lead of a Rom-com but also get the chance to play gay would have been a dream.”

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