Highly acclaimed Beatles tribute group to perform in Anderson

Dec. 23—ANDERSON — Mark Benson couldn’t find the type guitar John Lennon played, so he made one.

Benson portrays Lennon in 1964: The Tribute, a Beatles tribute band slated to perform at the Paramount Theatre Jan. 6 at 7:30 p.m.

He wasn’t the only one inspired. Mac Ruffing, who portrays Paul McCartney, wanted to play bass guitar like McCartney.

To do so, Ruffing, who’s right-handed, learned to play a left-handed bass.

McCartney wasn’t the only left-handed Beatle — the other was Ringo Starr.

Starr played left-handed on a right-handed drum kit, which Benson thinks might have contributed to the Beatles’ unique sound.

“It was more likely that he would do a drum fill (transition) from the low drums to the high drums because you’re leading with your left hand that way, instead of the other way around,” he explained.

The Beatles also changed the live concert experience forever, according to Benson.

When the Beatles first came to the United States in 1964, concert organizers didn’t plan for the onslaught of noise, literally.

Those early concerts hosted swarms of screaming girls, who drowned out the music.

1964 will try to emulate those early concerts, but with a modern PA system.

Audiences of all ages will be able to enjoy a variety of early Beatles hits.

Benson said the Beatles’ most important contribution was the group’s message of love.

In 1964’s own show, the word “love” and its offshoots have been used more than 100 times during shows.

Audiences young and old have soaked in that message.

“I had this 6-year-old girl who came our autograph line one night,:” Benson recalled. “She was smiling and I asked her, ‘Why are you so happy?’ And she said, ‘Because of love.’

“I was so taken aback by this little child.”

Benson said the group is excited to bring the magic and message of the Beatles to Anderson Jan. 6.

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