‘I Love to Play on That’

Jamie Dornan isn’t done working with (or teasing) Cillian Murphy.

The “Belfast” actor told GQ UK that he is hoping to reunite with pal Murphy after appearing in 2016 WWII film “Anthropoid” together. Dornan joked that while the “Oppenheimer” actor is “probably going to win” an Oscar for his turn as the father of the atomic bomb, Murphy still gets “so uncomfortable” participating in press campaigns.

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“I love Cillian, and we’ve nearly worked together a couple of times since [‘Anthropoid’],” Dornan said. “I have such respect for him and he’s probably going to win a fucking Academy Award next year. I mean, I won’t be voting for him.”

He added, “I think we’re both desperate to work together again, we’re really close. I love it because he’s so uncomfortable doing press, and I just love playing on that.”

The “Anthropoid” press tour went viral with Dornan and Murphy joking side-by-side in interviews.

Murphy told IndieWire that his longtime collaboration with “Oppenheimer” director Christopher Nolan is in part due to their shared approach to Hollywood.

“We’re both not interested in the ancillary nature of the industry. We’re both interested in the work,” Murphy said. “We both apply ourselves to work in a certain way. I’ve learned a lot from him. I apply myself in terms of that focus, and that rigor and that dedication, and that commitment. I’ve always had that instinct in my work anyway; it was just amplified by working with Chris.”

Murphy said portraying controversial figure J. Robert Oppenheimer was a “fascinating” yet “huge undertaking.”

“What made him so complex and multi-layered and amazing to try and wrestle into a performance was how contradictory he was,” Murphy said. “He had all of the complexities and contradictions that we do as human beings, except he happened to be one of the most brilliant minds that ever lived. But yes, he was arrogant, and he was vain. And he was naive. And he was conflicted. And he was egotistical, but he was also insecure. He was all of those things. And a womanizer and selfish and also humane and generous by the same token. That’s what makes him so fascinating. That’s what why so much has been written about him and that’s why Chris knew that he would be such a fascinating subject to make a film about.”

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