James Gunn’s Chris Pratt Manikin is a shock to fans

You may have wondered what it would feel like to hold a replica or see a copy of your body. Just ask Chris Pratt!

Filmmaker James Gunn, 56 shared a glimpse behind the scenes into the making Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, It turns out that in scenes where Pratt appears to be unconscious, the body is not actually his. The actor’s co stars are actually holding a manikin that looks just like him.

The video shows the co-star of the actor. Karen GillanThe prop was used for the first ever time by, 35. The actress screamed in disgust, “I can’t touch this!” Gunn responded, “You must,” and said to carry it.

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Pratt was slightly scared by the manikin in the clip. He looked flabbergasted. Have you ever experienced an out-of body experience? “This is what it would be like,” he confessed.

What are my actual proportions? Does that look like me? Pratt’s question was answered by someone off camera, who told him that the manikin had been created using a scanned image of his body. “That’s you. We scanned you. “Do you recall that day?”

“Of Course, Of course, I Remember That!” Pratt exclaimed.

Gillan then went on to dance around with the dummy as she held it in her arms to prepare for the scene in the film–a first, according to the filmmaker’s notes.

Many fans were shocked by how identical the dummy looked, including one fan who wrote, “That looks so freakishly real 😳 and Chris Pratt look on his face says it all !”

Another user said, “That would definitely be an out-of-body experience.”

Chris Pratt has an existential crisis. “…is that what I look like??” I cannot imagine how bizarre that would be,” someone else quipped.

Gunn said that Pratt was “horrified” by the manikin in a video showing him holding it.

He laughed and looked into the replica’s eyes. “Oh, my God, my poor wife,” was his joke. “You see the things she has to face every night before she goes to bed?” Yuck!”

“This is terrible,” he said.

Gunn, in his third video, revealed that the manikin actually breathes. What a cool idea!!

If you haven’t yet seen the latest installment, it’s worth catching up. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Released in cinemas on May 5,

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