Jamie Lee Curtis reveals the truth about her first Oscar Nomination, ‘Total Shock’

The actress admitted that she has felt like an “outsider” in the industry her entire career.

Jamie Lee Curtis Just received her first Oscar nomination. Halloween star can’t quite believe it.

The actress has been in the business for over five decades, but somehow, she’s only just received her first Academy Award nomination Her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

A new interview with Vanity FairCurtis shares her story about discovering she was in the runningIt seems like the shock has not yet subsided.

“…it’s like discovering a secret room in the house you’ve lived in your whole life that you never knew was there—or if you did, you had papered over it or plastered over it and just forgotten about it. That was my name. morning It was quite shocking,” she said of her shock upon learning about the nomination. I know that people would respond with, “Oh Jamie, you knew.” Curtis claims she didn’t read any prediction lists and asked her friends to not send them to her. She knew the movie—and her colleagues—would be nominated, but she says her own nomination was like “discovering a secret room and going, ‘Oh, my God.'”

She shared, “I am giddy about it.” The smile It hasn’t left my face. I’m kinda curmudgeonly. I’m very careful because I’ve been an actress since I was 19; I’m 64 and I’ve tried not to get my heart broken by the industry. I felt outsider… Needless to say, I feel weepy and giddy in my secret garden.

Curtis believes she found her parents behind the secret door. “It felt like they knew that would happen, even though I didn’t. I have followed—nepo baby!—in my parents’ footsteps. In my mother’s case, literally followed her. Their fame and success were not without their fault. success was always—to me, their stardom at the time was so ginormous that even though I’ve had fantastic success, I never thought I would reach their level.”

Congratulations to Jamie Lee Curtis for this momentous occasion—you deserve it!

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