Jenny McCarthy shocked after ‘The Masked Singer’ S’more gets unveiled

It was a boogie wonderland on “The Masked Singer.”

The Nov. 29 episode kicked off with a special performance by the legendary disco band The Trammps as they celebrated “Disco Night.” Taylor Dayne, who competed as Popcorn in Season Four, also performed “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

It got down to the wire as Group A returned for their final performances before this week’s unmasking. Before the stars took the stage, host Nick Cannon introduced the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell! which gave the panelists — Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong — the ability to save a contestant before the two planned unmaskings.

Viewers were treated to performances by S’more, Cow and Gazelle. While there were two scheduled unmaskings, only one contestant got the boot.

See the highlights from the show below.

What did each contestant perform?

S’more was the first to take the stage and performed KC and the Sunshine Band’s “That’s the Way (I Like It).” Cow was next, impressing the panelists with his rendition of “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward.

Lastly, Gazelle sang “On the Radio” by Donna Summer, stumping the panelists.

One of the three would be unmasked first, while the other two would go head-to-head in the Battle Royal. The winner of the battle would go on to compete in the special two-hour finale.

Who was unmasked first?

S’More in the “Disco Night” episode of

S’More in the “Disco Night” episode of

S’more ultimately was the first contestant to be leaving the competition. But first, each panelist gave their guesses as to who was under the mask.

Thicke believed it was Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys, while Jeong also thought it was a member from the same boy band, A.J. McLean. McCarthy Wahlberg guessed it was Ashley Angel Parker from O-Town and Scherzinger thought it was New Kids on the Block member Jordan Knight.

Who was under the mask?

McCarthy Wahlberg proved to be correct. The S’more was boy bander Ashley Angel Parker.

When asked how it felt to be a part of the show, Parker said, “A little toasty, but amazing. ‘The Masked Singer’ is unlike any other show on planet Earth. Such an incredible experience as a performer.”

McCarthy Wahlberg said she was “a huge fan of O-Town,” adding, “Of course, I love my boy banders. Your voice is so beautiful.”

Parker replied, “That means so much. It’s been a phenomenal experience.”

Who won the Battle Royal?

Cow and Gazelle went head-to-head in the smackdown, both performing “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

Both impressed the panelists with their renditions but after the judge and audience votes, the celebrity with the least votes was Gazelle. Before being unmasked, the panelists once again guessed who it could be.

Thicke said Maggie Q, Scherzinger believed it was Vanessa Hudgens, McCarthy Wahlberg said Shay Mitchell and Jeong guessed it was Constance Wu.

However, in an unexpected twist, Jeong couldn’t bear seeing the Gazelle leave and decided to use the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell! Gazelle will be headed to the finals along with Cow.

Next week, “The Masked Singer” sees Group B take the stage during “Rock Night.” In the meantime, see every the contestant that has been revealed this season.

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