Jonathan Scott shares the engagement ring disaster that happened after he proposed to Zooey Deschanel

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel‘s engagement bliss was almost cut short as soon as it started.

In a recent interview with, the Property Brother, who is commemorating his and brother Drew Scott‘s website relaunch, recalls the special day that he proposed to Deschanel. Scott popped the question while they vacationed in Scotland and celebrating ensued, but the high was almost short-lived when they left for the airport — and Scott realized he left the engagement ring at the hotel.

“We took (Zooey’s kids, Elsie and Charlie) to London, Scotland and then Paris. So all this excitement had happened in Scotland, and we celebrated, and the next day we were traveling to Paris,” Scott says. “Great, I’m organized, I’ve got it all together, we get to the airport … when we were sitting there and I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I forgot everything in the safe at the hotel.'”

Deschanel wasn’t wearing her engagement ring because it needed to be resized and she was “worried it was going to fall off.” But the ring wasn’t the only item they had to worry about — their passports, money and credit cards were also left behind in the safe.

While the upside was that Scott remembered exactly where their belongings were, the downside was that the hotel was a 25-minute drive away, and they were boarding the plane in 40 minutes.

“I’m freaking out, like, ‘What do I do?'” Scott recounts. “And so (I) called the hotel manager, (they) went (and) got her ring, got the passports, got all the money and everything, credit cards, that were in the safe.”

The manager then told Scott two logistically crucial details: that their belongings would be at the airport in 25 minutes, and that a cab driver was the one delivering the precious goods.

“I’m like, ‘What?!'” Scott recalls of his reaction to his entire life being in the hands of a cab driver. However, the manager reassured him that “no one is more trustworthy than their cab drivers in Scotland.”

Sure enough, the cab driver arrives at the airport, and Scott, his fiancée and her two kids got all their items back — including Deschanel’s engagement ring — right as they were called for boarding.

Scott calls the incident the “craziest thing,” but they ultimately got a happy ending: Deschanel is getting her engagement ring resized, and Scott doesn’t have to buy an extra ring.

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