Martin Scorsese’s reaction to ‘I’m Just Ken’ performance wins over the internet

The entire crowd at the 2024 Oscars was jamming along to Ryan Gosling’s grand performance of “I’m Just Ken,” Martin Scorsese included.

The acclaimed director, who was nominated for his film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” attended the awards ceremony on Sunday, March 10, with his daughter Francesca Scorsese.

Francesca Scorsese frequently posts videos of her dad on social media, so she made sure to capture his reaction to Gosling taking over the Dolby Theatre stage as he belted out “I’m Just Ken.”

The 24-year-old shared a clip on her Instagram story of the filmmaker, who was seated across from Billie Eilish and Finneas, clapping along as multiple Kens danced through the aisles.

In the video, Francesca Scorsese taps her father on the shoulder and laughs when he turns around and makes a surprised face at the spectacle. He immediately shifts his focus back to the Kens and places a hand on his hips as the dancers sprint to the stage.

She uploaded a second video that shows the “Goodfellas” director smiling and nodding as Gosling nails the final note. At the end, he applauds the performance with the rest of the crowd.

“This is the best video ever. @martinscorsese_,” his daughter captioned the hilarious clip.

Fans loved seeing the director’s reaction on X.

“Good morning new favorite video just dropped,” one social media user tweeted and shared Francesca Scorsese’s video.

Another user responded to that tweet and said, “New life goal: Be anywhere near as happy as Martin Scorsese watching the I’m Just Ken performance.”

One person pointed out that Martin Scorsese’s reaction proved no one can resist Gosling’s “Kenergy.”

“Even martin scorsese was vibing with ryan gosling’s performance,” she said.

Gosling brought the audience to their feet as he sang in a dazzling pint suit while surrounded by Kens, guitarist Slash and Mark Ronson, one of the writers and producers of the “Barbie” track.

“I’m Just Ken” didn’t win the Oscar for original song, but Gosling definitely delivered one of the most memorable moments of the night.

All of the original song nominees performed at the 96th Academy Awards. Francesca also posted a video of her father being enthralled by Scott George and the Osage Singers’ performing “Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)” from his movie.

In the clip, “Killers of the Flower Moon” star and Oscar-nominee Lily Gladstone can be seen swaying along a few rows ahead of the father-daughter duo.

After all five performances, Eilish and Finneas ended up collecting the award for original song for “What Was I Made For” from “Barbie.”

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