Midjourney’s AI image generator ends its free trial due to ‘extraordinary abuse’

Midjourney will stop allowing its customers to use their services for free AI image generator After people used the tool to create high-profile deepfakes. David Holz, CEO on Discord The company has decided to end free trials because of “extraordinary demand” and trial abuse. Holz states that the company has not implemented new safeguards to prevent misuse of trial periods. You’ll need to pay at most $10 per month to access the technology.

As The Washington Post explainsMidjourney has been the center of unwelcome attention in recent weeks. Users used the company’s AI for deepfakes of Donald Trump. being Pope Francis was arrested wearing A trendy coat. Although the photos were quickly deemed fake, there is concern that bad actors may use Midjourney or OpenAI’s. DALL-E Using similar generators to spread misinformation.

Midjourney acknowledged that it was difficult to establish policies regarding content. Holz justifiably banned images of Chinese leader Xi Jinping in 2022. He told Discord users that his team wanted to “minimize drama” and that any access to China was more important that allowing satirical material. Holz spoke out on Wednesday to users about his difficulties in setting content policies due to the AI’s ability for realistic imagery. The founder of Midjourney said that he hopes to improve AI moderation and prevent abuse.

To prevent problems, some developers have made it a point to enforce strict rules. OpenAI prohibits the use of images that depict ongoing political events, conspiracy theories, or politicians. It also prohibits violence, hate, and sexuality. Others have more flexible guidelines. Stable Diffusion users won’t be able to use Stability AI. copy styles or make not-safe-for-work picturesIt doesn’t, however, dictate what people can do.

AI image production is not just about misleading content. There are also long-standing concerns that the pictures are stolenThey often use existing images for reference. While there are some companies that do not use images as reference points, others do. embracing AI art There are also other ingredients in their products plenty of hesitation Firms are worried about getting unwanted attention.

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