Model from OnlyFans says she was asked to leave an ice rink for her attire: “So embarrassing.”

Model Lowri Rose claimed in a video To her 27,000 TikTok followers Because of her attire, she was asked to leave an ice skate rink in Cardiff.

Rose was at Cardiff’s annual Winter Wonderland festival Rose claimed employees had told her that she could not continue ice skate without a coat. Rose was wearing a white turtleneck with knee socks, a plaid pleated skirt and plaid knee socks. She lifted her legs in her jacket. TikTok To reveal that she was wearing spandex pants underneath,

“That was so embarrassing,” she said in the video. “They pulled me off the rink … and made a whole spectacle about it.”

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Rose said she considered putting on a coat to return to the rink, but her friend “interjected” and told her not to.

“Would this happen if I didn’t look like this?” she asked. “I don’t think so.”

It’s not clear what Rose was referring to when she said she looked a certain way but claimed that it was an “old” woman who had initially complained to employees about her outfit.

Rose has replied in the past to comments shaming her for her body And OnlyFans career — which may also have been what she meant when she said the situation wouldn’t have happened to her if she didn’t “look like this.”

“what a horrible experience!” one commenter wrote on Rose’s video. “well done for standing your ground.”

“absolutely ridiculous,” another added.

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