‘Our Own Little Sanctuary’ (Exclusive)

“I feel like it’s just a piece of serenity in the middle of the Big Apple,” Siegel tells PEOPLE about the three-bedroom, five-bathroom pad

<p>Christian Morales/Capture With Chris</p>

Christian Morales/Capture With Chris

The Queen of Versailles has a new place to keep her throne.

Jackie Siegel recently purchased a New York City penthouse in the trendy neighborhood of Tribeca. She tells PEOPLE exclusively that she was looking at a smaller condo in the building when her husband, businessman David Siegel, heard the penthouse was available — and they immediately fell in love.

“I feel like it’s just a piece of serenity in the middle of the Big Apple,” she says about the three-bedroom, five-bathroom pad.

<p>Christian Morales/Capture With Chris</p> Jackie Siegel's New York City penthouse.

Christian Morales/Capture With Chris

Jackie Siegel’s New York City penthouse.

Covering nearly 5,000 sq. ft,, the penthouse is situated on the top floor of a historic former bank and the Hall des Lumières. Plus, it contains an open floor plan, which Siegel, 57, notes is one of her favorite qualities of the home.

She says she recently held a party for the cast of the Queen of Versailles Broadway show, which is based on Siegel’s life as documented in the 2012 film.

“We’ve already had a celebration party for the Broadway team just a couple weeks ago and the space worked out spectacular,” she shares. “We had a private chef and with the long kitchen counter, it worked out great to put out the food, and really we fit a lot of people in there.”

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<p>Christian Morales/Capture With Chris</p> Jackie Siegel in the kitchen of her New York City penthouse.

Christian Morales/Capture With Chris

Jackie Siegel in the kitchen of her New York City penthouse.

The living room displays “some of the best views” of Manhattan, as does the almost 900 sq. ft. private terrace, she says, adding that the outdoor space features a barbecue, outdoor kitchen and “a lot of green.”

“The terrace kind of reminds me of a spa feeling, like a spa atmosphere,” Siegel says. “Very, very, very tranquil.”

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Contrary to her sprawling 90,000 sq. ft. Florida home she calls “Versailles,” Siegel explains that she wanted to keep her New York space more “Miami chic.” After work began on “Versailles” 20 years ago, Siegel says she’s grown “tired” of the French architecture and antique-filled interior, so she was inspired to go in the opposite direction.

<p>Christian Morales/Capture With Chris</p> The rooftop of Jackie Siegel's New York City penthouse.

Christian Morales/Capture With Chris

The rooftop of Jackie Siegel’s New York City penthouse.

“We’re keeping it very minimalistic, modern and just adding a few touches of colors as far as accessories like pillows and throw blankets and some vases,” she says. “And we’re putting some artwork in there — we have Patrick Cues, we have Peter Max, so that also brings in the color as well.”

One detail that will follow her to the city, however, is her Queen of Versailles throne.

“I love my Queen of Versailles throne in all my homes,” Siegel admits, adding that she placed one in the lobby of a Manhattan hotel she and her husband own, and “everyone was taking pictures — they love my throne.”

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Some other amenities in the penthouse include “romantic and sexy” free-standing bath tubs, floating mirrors and walk-in closets.

<p>Sheri Barron</p> Jackie Siegel's closet in her New York City penthouse.

Sheri Barron

Jackie Siegel’s closet in her New York City penthouse.

“The closets are nice, but you have to understand, I feel like my closet in Versailles is the same size as this entire penthouse,” Siegel jokes, “but for New York, the closets are great.”

In the rest of the building, residents can find a movie theater, indoor swimming pool and a 14,000 sq. ft. rooftop deck, which Siegel’s penthouse has private access to. The entire space, Siegel says, is everything she was looking for.

“My kids love it — my boys love it. They come up and visit all the time, and I go back and forth about every week or every 10 days, and I have a lot of friends up there,” she says, adding: “It’s our own little sanctuary.”

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