Persistence Market Research predicts that the Personal Protective Gowns Market could reach US$11 Billion by 2032

Persistence Market Research

Persistence Market Research

Market Study: Personal Protective Gowns: Nearly Two-thirds of the Market Share is attributable to Disposable Gowns

New York, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As per Persistence Market Research’s latest industry analysis, the global Personal Protective Gowns Market In 2021, the company was valued at US$ 8 Billion and projected to experience growth of at least 5%. CAGR of 3.1% Over the forecast period (2022-2032). Personal protective gown sales are expected to increase. US$ 10.8 trillion By 2032

Personal protective gowns are steadily growing in popularity due to increased use of personal protection equipment in the healthcare sector for patient safety. Patients and medical staff have been increasing their demand for personal protective gowns due to the emergence of many epidemics such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential health hazards they pose.

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Patients acquire healthcare-associated infections (HAI) during medical treatment. These infections usually occur due to unsanitary medical practices at outpatient surgery centres, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospices.

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that healthcare-associated infections in U.S. hospitals are responsible for approximately 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year. According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 25 patients get at least one infection after a hospital visit.

Due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, the number of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes is on the rise.

  • Chronic diseases are the most expensive and common medical conditions in America. Nearly half of all Americans—roughly 45 per cent, or 133 million—suffer from at least one chronic illness, and the number is rising, as per the National Health Council.

Market Study Key Takeaways

  • Due to rising incidence of chronic disease and increasing number of surgeries, surgical gowns held 23% of the market value in 2021.

  • In 2021, single/disposable gowns accounted for 61.5% of the market.

  • Hospitals segment growth is expected to be 2.5% based on end-users during the forecast period.

  • North America accounted for 38.3% of the global market in 2021, due to its high prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases.

“Global sales of personal protective gowns are expected to soar as the number of surgical procedures and prevalence of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) rise,” Persistence Market Research analyst.

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Market Competition

  • Guangzhou Youte Plastic Products Co. Ltd.

  • Narang Medical Limited.

  • Xiangli Caps & Bags Factory Manufacturer

  • Microbiome & Genetic Testing Organisation

  • GLA Family

  • Cardinal Health

  • Novolex

  • Mediklin Healthcare Limited.

  • Radiance Inc.

  • National Safety Apparel

  • Cardinal Health

  • 3M

Due to the many manufacturers of personal protective gear, the market is fragmented. In recent years, the level of competition among large multinational corporations has significantly increased.

  • Mainetti Group’s new M-care personal protective equipment (PPE), was made available to patients and healthcare professionals in May 2020. This was done to help customers reduce the dangers from COVID-19.

  • Fire-Dex launched reusable isolation gowns in April 2020 to address the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Catholic Health teamed up with small local producers to produce 5,000 uniforms of protection for healthcare professionals in April 2020.

What does the Report cover?

Persistence Market Research provides a unique perspective on the market for personal protective gowns. In its most recent study, Persistence Market Research presents a historical demand assessment from 2017 to 2021 as well as projections for 2022-2032.

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To provide a comprehensive market intelligence approach, the global market for personal protective gowns has been segmented.

The research is

  • Product-based pricing (surgical gowns. Isolation gowns. Surgery isolation gowns. Other non-surgical gowns.

  • Based on Use (single/disposable, multiple/non-disposable), and

  • Based on End user (Hospitals and specialty clinics, among others)

  • In seven regions important to the world.

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