Queen Elizabeth’s 32 Most Iconic Fashion Moments

You may be familiar with the late Queen Elizabeth II in terms of her daywear style—her trademark blazer and skirt that she rarely deviated from in the last few decades of her public life as monarch. But if you go back a bit farther, you might be surprised at the breadth and depth of Elizabeth’s style (she was literally photographed from babyhood onward, with the public eye beginning to intensify its gaze starting when she was a teenager). She had an evolving royal style over the course of her reign, beginning with simple girlish designs and evolving into the mature and polished sovereign that would become her signature—not to mention the many bright colors she would deploy in her wardrobe.

As her stylist Angela Kelly wrote in a memoir, “The Queen is conscious that she must be easily visible to as many people as possible when she is out and about, so I choose mainly striking colors that will be easily seen.” This is also a fascinating look at how a public figure goes from youth and exuberance to confidence and ease over time: We watched the Queen grow from new ruler to nonagenarian, all with a large wardrobe budget (and some incredible jewels) at her disposal.

Read on for some of Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic fashion moments, ever.

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