‘Send Love to All Lupus Warriors’

Selena Gomez attended the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California on January 10, 2023.

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Selena Gomez We are giving a shout out to all those who live with Lupus.

In honor of National Kidney Month, the singer and actress — who announced her lupus diagnosis in October 2015 — shared a post from the Lupus Research Alliance on her Instagram Story Wednesday.

The 30-year-old wrote, “Sending love all the Lupus warriors.” “Thank you @lupusresearchalliance for all of the tireless work you do🤍.”

Gomez is open about her diagnosis and how it has affected her health over the years.

The following is an extract from the Mayo ClinicThis condition can cause inflammation in the body, affecting “joints,” skin, kidneys, blood, brain, heart and lungs. There is no cure currently for Lupus. Up to 60% of Lupus sufferers will experience kidney complications. Lupus Foundation of America Their website has more information.

2017: Only Murders in the Building star received a kidney transplant From her best friend Grown-ish Star Francia Raisa When she was struggling with life-threatening health problems due to her Lupus.

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Selena Gomez Marks National Kidney Month

Selena Gomez Marks National Kidney Month

Selena Gomez/instagram

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While appearing on latest episode of Apple TV+’s documentary series Dear …, Gomez reflect on the transplant.

“My best friend. Francia is Francia’s name. Francia said that she was being tested and that she didn’t mind. spoke about her journey with the autoimmune disease. “And she went to be tested within three days. She was a match. It was one those moments when I felt watched over. “I feel so blessed.”

She added, “I get that this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I also know the consequences of some of these situations and how severe they are. So I don’t take it lightly that it has happened to me that way.”

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Gomez said that she is now “debt” to Raisa for her decision.

Francia added that she will never, ever be in more debt to anyone than Francia. “The thought of someone not even second-guessing being a donor was unbelievably overwhelming.”

In March 2021 nearly four years after her friend received her kidney, the “Lose You and Love Me” singer posted a thread by Raisa to celebrate World Kidney Day.

“If I have been around for a while, then you will know that my kidney donation process has been kept very private.” Raisa wrote on TwitterA photo of her in hospital was also included. “However, I believe I’ve reached a stage in my life when I feel comfortable and confident speaking about my experience and using this platform to raise awareness for various kidney diseases that impact our population.

She said, “So, in honour of World Kidney Day let’s discuss the impact of kidney diseases and how we can help ensure that those with kidney disease live well.”

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