Seth Meyers Begs Joe Biden To Do 1 Thing Against Donald Trump From Now On

Seth Meyers wants President Joe Biden to unleash his reported R-rated comments about former President Donald Trump in public.

Last week, Politico reported Biden had behind closed doors called his predecessor and likely 2024 election rival a “sick fuck” and a “fucking asshole.”

Meyers noted how, in days gone by, that kind of talk would have been “political Kryptonite.”

“But so were 91 felony charges,” he continued, referring to the multiple indictments faced by Republican 2024 front-runner Trump.

“We live in different times,” said Meyers. “So I say: ‘Let it rip, Joe. Just start dropping F-bombs on the campaign trail. You’re from Scranton. You can get away with it.’”

Meyers then imagined Biden doing just that.

Watch Meyers’ monologue here:


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