Shatto Milk releasing salty drink called Niners Tears to celebrate Chiefs’ title

Shatto Milk is doubling down on its trolling of other NFL fan bases.

After the Chiefs beat Philadelphia last year in Super Bowl LVII, Shatto released a new flavor of milk: Eagle Tears. That was a cheesecake-flavored drink.

Shatto, which is in Osborn, Missouri, is following that up with a Niners Tears milk in celebration of the Chiefs’ 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. It will be available Monday in stores, and like real tears, this beverage will have a salty flavor.

This is what Shatto announced in a Facebook post: “The Niners Tears milk is a special Salted Caramel flavor that will first launch at the Shatto Milk Country Store on Saturday, March 16. It will then hit grocery store shelves starting March 18 throughout the Kansas City area, Des Moines, Warrensburg, St. Joseph, and Columbia as well as Betty Rae’s Ice Cream locations.”

Here is a look at the bottle, which Shatto shared on Facebook while announcing the release of the milk.

Shatto said it will also ship an empty bottle to anywhere in the country. Here’s guessing there won’t be many people in, say, northern California who will take Shatto up on that offer.

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