Sony has acquired new studio ballistic moon, records suggest

Sony Has Indeed Acquired New Studio Ballistic Moon, Records Suggest

Sony Acquires New Studio Ballistic Moon Records Suggestion

According to reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment is acquiring a new developer Ballistic Moon were true. The following is a blooper by none other than PlayStation itself, fans have found an entry for the studio on a financial data and software company’s website, which lists Sony as its parent company.

Ballistic Moon is made up of the former Supermassive Games leaders

As spotted by Sacred Symbols podcast host Colin Moriarty, a financial services firm called PitchBook It tracks data like company financing and funding status, acquisition status, etc. Over on its website is an entry for Ballistic Moon, which states that the studio was founded in 2019 and its current status is “acquired/merged (operating subsidiary). Its parent company? Sony is the parent company.

PitchBook also reveals that the developer currently has 47 employees and operates in the “movies, music, and entertainment” industry. You can view a snapshot of the page below, in case Sony’s lawyers are having it scrubbed as we speak.

ballistic moon acquisition info

Ballistic moon acquisition information

Welp! File this under Sony’s worst-kept secrets.

As we previously reportedBallistic Moon’s developers are not strangers to working for Sony. Job listings previously indicated that the company, which is made up of ex-supermassive games leads, is currently working to develop a PS5 game code called Project Bates.

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