New Weather Reports Show That Spring is Arriving Early in Many Areas of the Country

backyard flowers blooming in spring time

Spring flowers in the backyard

Rosemary Calvert/Getty Images

If spring gardening is something you enjoy and you are currently prepping, your checklist In anticipation of warmer weather you might be a little behind this year. In many parts of the United States, flowers and trees are already starting to bloom—even though previous spring weather predictions stated that there were six more weeks of winter in store, CNN reports. According to a report of the National Phenology NetworkMany areas of the South and Southeast are enjoying their first spring in 40 years. This is because leaves are finally falling. budding on trees Up to three weeks in advance

The record-breaking 2023 weather conditions have influenced the spring’s early start. Current temperatures are among the warmest in the southeastern and Southern states. The record heat is also being experienced in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, with New York City and Philadelphia, which have seen record temperatures. They expect to see flowers in the coming weeks.

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Megan O’Connell is a research associate with The University of Minnesota. She says plants will likely bloom earlier because they are sensitive too changes in temperature, humidity, or rainfall. Botanical Research Institute of Texas Submitted CNN. She says that they are sensitive to photo periods, so the sun and other such things. “They respond to these triggers in their environment, these cues they are getting from the climate.”

Unfortunately, a consistently early spring—or one that arrives late, which is what western regions anticipate this year—is a sign of climate change. Researchers explain that it is more important than ever for pollinators and flora to be protected as temperatures continue to rise. “The weather is becoming more unpredictable, even as things get warmer,” O’Connell says. O’Connell explains that plants and animals respond differently to these chaotic weather patterns. “It doesn’t mean that everything will just keep moving forward together. We’re seeing mismatching trends as species respond differently to each other.

To support the wildlife around you, consider starting a native plant garden You can even have them in your yard. You can make little resorts for pollinators throughout the year. O’Connell suggests that you research different types of flowers and plant them so they can have food throughout the year.

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