Supermicro Launches Industry’s First NVIDIA H100 8 and 4 GPU H100 Servers With Liquid Cooling – Reduces Data Center Energy Costs Up To 40%

A Liquid Cooled AI Training Infrastructure for Large Scales, Delivered in a Rack-Integrated Total Solution, to Accelerate the Deployment Process, Improve Performance and Reduce Costs to the Environment

SAN JOSE You can also find out more about the following: HAMBURG is located in Germany, May 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Supermicro, Inc. (NASDAQ : SMCI), a Total Solution Provider in Cloud, AI/ML/Storage, 5G/Edge and Storage, continues to enhance its data center offering with liquid cooled NVIDIA HGX h100 solutions. Supermicro’s liquid cooling solutions are the only ones that can reduce lead times for complete installations, increase performance and significantly lower data center operating costs. Supermicro liquid cooling can reduce power consumption by up to 40% in a datacenter compared with an air-cooled one. A direct cooling cost reduction of up to 86 percent can also be achieved compared with existing data centers.

Supermicro continues to be the leader in supporting AI workloads, modern data centers and the demands of the global market,” said Charles LiangSupermicro’s president and CEO. “Our innovative GPU Servers that use our Liquid Cooling Technology significantly lower the energy requirements of data centres. Optimizing TCO and Total Cost to Environment is critical for data center operators, given the power needed to run today’s large-scale AI models. Our expertise is in building and designing entire racks of high performance servers. These GPU systems have been designed from the ground-up for rack scale integration and liquid cooling. This allows us to meet customer requirements in a short time frame.

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AI-optimized racks, which are compatible with Supermicro’s latest product families including Intel and AMD servers, can be delivered quickly using standard engineering templates. They can also be customized to suit the specific needs of each user. Supermicro is committed to offering the broadest range of servers and storage solutions in the industry to handle complex projects that require high computing power. Rack-scale integrated solutions allow customers to connect the racks to the network, plug them in and be more productive than managing their own technology.

The top liquid-cooled GPU server is equipped with dual Intel or AMD CPUs as well as eight or four NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs. Using liquid cooling reduces the power consumption of data centers by up to 40%, resulting in lower operating costs. Both systems are also significantly more efficient and powerful than the previous generation NVIDIA GPU-equipped systems. They offer up to 30x better performance in large transformer models today, with PCIe 5.0 networking and storage and faster GPU-GPU interface speed.

Supermicro has eight NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU Servers for today’s most complex AI models. These include:

Supermicro offers a variety of GPU servers that can be customized for AI training in a short time, large volume AI inference, or AI-fused HPC workloads. These include the systems with NVIDIA’s H100 SXM5 tensor core GPUs.

Supermicro’s liquid cooling rack level solutions include a Coolant Distribution Unit, which provides up to 80kW in direct-to-chip cooling (D2C) for today’s highest TDP GPUs and CPUs. Power supplies and liquid cooling pumps are hot-swappable and redundant, ensuring that servers can be cooled even if the power supply or pump fails. Customers can be assured of uninterrupted liquid cooling with the leak-proof connectors. You can find out more about Supermicro Liquid Cooling at:

Rack scale design, integration, and customization has become a vital service for systems providers. AI and HPC are becoming increasingly important technologies within organizations. Configurations from the server to the data center need to be optimized for maximum performance. Supermicro rack and system experts are able to provide significant racks for customers around the world.

Supermicro Large Scale AI Solution brief –

Supermicro at ISC

Visit Supermicro Booth D405 during the ISC High Performance event 2023 in order to explore these technologies. Hamburg, May 21 – 25, 2023.

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