Police officer from Temple University was shot to death while responding to a crime on campus

Officials said that a Temple University officer who was responding to a crime in North Philadelphia on Saturday night was shot and killed.

Jennifer Griffin, university vice president for public safety, stated it was the first fatality in line-of duty in the history campus police department. NBC Philadelphia reported.

Temple released a statement saying that the shooting took place just blocks west of campus around 7:07 p.m.

The statement stated that the officer was being questioned by a suspect of robbing a convenience shop. According to the statement, it happened within blocks of the store.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said that the officer was killed when he attempted to stop a carjacking.

He was later pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital. Later, Christopher Fitzgerald was identified.

The Temple University Police Association stated that Officer Fitzgerald sacrificed his life to protect the Temple community. They are forever grateful to him. “He bravely served both the temple community as well as the Philadelphians.”

Temple police reported that a suspect was taken into custody Sunday morning. Robert Clark, supervisory deputy U.S. Marshall for Eastern Pennsylvania told Temple police. NBC Philadelphia As part of a “tradition,” Fitzgerald’s handcuffs were used to arrest the suspect.

“We felt it was important to remember Officer Fitzgerald by once again placing his cuffs on the suspect,” Clark said.

Philadelphia police identified the suspect Sunday night as Miles Pfeffer (age 18, from Buckingham Township). His charges include murder of an officer, evading capture, firearms violations and receiving stolen property.

It wasn’t immediately known if he retained legal representation. The Defender Association of Philadelphia (a non-profit organization that acts as the city’s public defense attorney’s office) did not immediately respond.

Jason Wingard, University President, stated in a statement, issued before he was identified, that the officer was a victim of “senseless gun violence.”

“There are simply no words that can make sense of this tragedy,” Wingard said. “It tears at our sense of community and safety.”

Gov. Josh Shapiro tweeted Lori Shapiro and he were both “devastated” for the family. The officer was “bravely serving” his community when he was shot.

Shapiro stated, “May his memory become a blessing.”

This article was originally published by NBCNews.com

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