The best British Comedy TV Shows

What’s the story? The show is set in Peckham (South London) and focuses on the many and almost always disastrous money-making missions undertaken by the cheeky market trader Derek “Del Boy” Trotter (Sir David Jason), and his younger sibling, Rodney. 

Wheeler-dealer Del, who is always hopeful, is determined to realize his dream of being a rich youngster. He ropes Rodney and their grandfather, then their uncle Albert, into a variety of absurd and mostly illegal schemes. 

Del promises in almost every episode that “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”. The relationship between the Trotter brother is heartwarming despite the absurdity and Rodney under Del’s control. Del says in almost every episode, “This time next Year we’ll Be Millionaires.” Tune in to discover if the Trotters made it big.

What to watch? Amazon Prime

Number of seasons 7 

Episodes: 64 (with sixteen Christmas Specials)

Average episode length: 30 minutes (Series 1-5), 50 minutes (Series 6-7), 35-90 (Christmas Specials).

What we say is:Del Boy may be the best British comedy character ever created. The longevity of the show is a testament to John Sullivan’s genius and incredible stamina.”

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