The Sweetest Photo of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kissing Just Dropped

It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday today (December 13), and the internet has already generously provided fans with a gift. By which I mean a new photo just dropped of Taylor and Travis Kelce kissing—which, per Page Six, was taken at the Chiefs holiday party over the weekend.

To quote one person in the replies on this pic:

This is actually one of several photos of Taylor and Travis that’s emerged from the party—lest you forget, there’s also this cuteness:

Anyway! Taylor is currently back in New York and it doesn’t appear as though Travis traveled with her based on the fact that she met up with friends (Selena Gomez, Miles Teller, and Keleigh Sperry) at Zero Bond last night and he wasn’t there.

That said, these two have big plans for her birthday: Travis wants to throw Taylor a giant party in NYC where “money is not an object” and all her “close friends” are invited. Though TBD on when this party will take place since Travis is practicing with the Chiefs this week.

Either way, Taylor and Travis will be spending a ton of time together over the next few months since Taylor has a prolonged break from the Eras tour—and one source told Us Weekly that “Travis hasn’t been to Taylor’s Nashville place yet, so he’s really looking forward to it.” Oh, and another insider added that “They love [getting together] with their families and friends, but right now, what they value above all else is alone time.”

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