The Way of Water’s Projections are not enough to make it a success, earning $134 million USD in the opening week

James Cameron‘s Avatar: The Way of Water The event closed with a total of $134 Million USD.

According to reportsThe sequel suffered a -16% decrease in its sales between Friday and Saturday. 31% of its total revenue came from traditional 3D screens, 12% IMAX 3D (premium large format 3D), 12% IMAX 3D, 4% PLF 2D, 2% IMAX 3D (premium large format 2D), 2% % from Motion 3D, 1% from ScreenX 2D. The Way of Water grossed $16.5 million from 407 IMAX screens in North America to earn an average of over $40,000 USD per screen, while the global IMAX total from 1,543 screens in 80 markets earned $48.8 million USD — setting a new record for the second-highest worldwide debut.

However The Way of Water Although the film fell short of its projections of $150 to $175 million USD, there are no worries for a number reasons. The film will not face any direct competition until then. Quantumania: Ant-Man & the Wasp Premieres on February 17, with more students able to make it to the cinema due to the Christmas holidays. “We got the word of mouth, we’ve got a great movie, we have the screens and a clear run ahead throughout the holidays,” saod Disney EVP of Theatrical Distribution Tony Chambers.

“Just as the original Avatar did, Avatar: The Way of Water has set a new benchmark for the current 3D marketplace. James Cameron and his team have demonstrated what’s possible artistically, commercially, and creatively when filmmakers are fully committed to immersing viewers in this 3D world. The result is visually stunning. We expect to continue to see strong 3D results worldwide thru the holiday and new year,” added Travis Reid, CEO and President of RealD.

Entertainment, Donald Glover will reportedly star in a Spider-Man spinoff film.

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