These dusters are the ultimate layering piece

Nothing can beat the first signs of spring. The skies transition from gray to blue, the trees begin to bud, the flowers start to emerge from the depths of your garden bed, and the air just feels… different—in the best way possible. The transitional weather of spring can be challenging to dress for. What can you do when the mornings are cool and the afternoons are bright?

Layering is the key to dressing well for both warm and cold weather. And there’s nothing made for layering quite like a duster—a light, loose-fitting sweater or coat that falls below the waist, sometimes even to the floor. Dusters are easy to put together and take off. They’re also stylish. Plus, they’re not nearly as bulky to stash as something heavier—like a leather jacket Or a trench.

There are many styles of dusters, which makes them versatile. There are sheer embroidered versions, cardigan-style knits as well as floral kimonos and utility jackets. Even formal sparkly options. These jackets are generally cheaper than true jackets. You can stock multiples of them, as there are many options below $200.

Our editors have compiled a list of the top dusters for women to help you find the best. They’re all flowy, comfy, and stylish—basically everything you could ever want.

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