This Instagram Hack to Improve In-flight Entertainment Has Commenters Divided — See the Trick

Some travelers think it’s genius, and others think its gross.

An often overlooked item in an airplane’s seat back pocket may be your key to more comfortable in-flight entertainment — if you can get past it’s intended use.

On a flight without a seat back screen, mom and content creator Autumn Grace, who regularly posts home and travel tips, showed how the airplane’s motion sickness bag could become an iPhone mount, bringing your screen to eye-level.

“No more neck pain from looking down at your phone! Hope this hack helps for your next flight,” she captioned the video, which has garnered over a thousand likes.

To master Grace’s hack, she demonstrated that you’ll need to take your phone out of its case, then press the bag into the case, lining it, and then place your phone back in. Then, simply hook the bag into the top of the seat back tray.

The innovative way of using the seemingly simple item is to prevent having to crane your neck while watching a show or movie on your phone screen.

However, travelers were a bit mixed in the comments.

“Wow this is so helpful! Just on holiday with my 10 month old who is obsessed with Ms Rachel! Will definitely use this on the way home,” one person wrote in the comments to celebrate the ingenious travel hack.

While another noted that the hack may be a bit unsanitary.

“Gross, you do know that the germs on that bag are in the millions,” the commenter shared while another suggested using a phone case that can be propped up.

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