This is what happens to your body when you drink coffee on an empty stomach

It is possible to keep a snack on hand.

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A nice, steamy feeling when you wake up in the morning cup of coffee It is a favorite morning ritual around the globe. However, is drinking caffeinated bean juice the best for your stomach? brain(Esp., first thing in morning). If you’ve been consuming coffee as soon as you roll out of bed, i.e., on an empty stomach, you may want to reconsider the timing of your favorite beverage to help avoid tummy aches Stress can make you feel even more stressed. It’s because a latte costs more if you are feeling your best physically and mentally. 

“Coffee can stimulate the production of stomach acid, which might cause stomach upset or acid reflux [i.e. heartburn] symptoms,” says Christina Manian, RDN. “Coffee can also stimulate cortisol production, a stress hormone The body. Although some cortisol can be helpful in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure, it is not essential. metabolismExcessive sugar intake over a long period of time can cause hypertension and unregulated blood sugar levels, which could lead to diabetes. This is especially true if your mornings are already stressful.

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Even though early birds might feel relaxed when the sun rises, they may find that drinking coffee before breakfast can lead to jitters. “However, many first-thing coffee drinkers don’t experience jitteriness or GI symptoms, so it’s important to listen to your body,” Manian assures. Still, although it’s a personal choice to decide how and when you want to consume that first cup of the day, she recommends having a small snack With your coffee, even when you’re not quite finished. ready for breakfast. This allows the stomach acid from coffee to have food to digest. 

Coffee can be a great way to get your day off to a good start, no matter what your stomach is storing. “Coffee has been shown to increase concentration levels, and, in the research, I haven’t seen that be altered by whether or not you’ve eaten beforehand,” Manian says.

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If you are able to make a significant impact on energy, it will be the most important. use sweetener You can get high blood sugar from coffee. Your blood sugar can spike if you drink too much coffee. Manian says that the sweetener can be reduced by eating something before or along with your cup of coffee. This is especially true if you eat a meal or snack. fiber, proteinYou can also call it: healthy fats. She suggests eating a piece. a hard-boiled eggToast with peanut butter Or avocadoA variety of yogurts, including fruit- or granola-flavored yogurts, and applesauce. nutsOr, a few trail mixes.

If you’re aiming for optimum health via your coffee routine, Manian says that “black [coffee] Low-fat dairy or yogurt is preferable. alt dairy It is perfectly fine. It comes to sweeteners honey Or maple syrup As cane sugar is well-known, it will provide more benefits than cane sugar. pro-inflammatory agent In the body. Still, all of those options will cause a blood sugar spike.” Alternative sweeteners also exist, such as aspartame, but have been correlated to negative health impacts, so Manian steers clear. You can also find tasting notes on if sweetness is your preference. whole bean coffees. Beans described with notes of “caramel,” “chocolate,” or “honey” may be more to your liking than more acidic beans, and require less sweetener when brewed.

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Overall, Manian says that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is an individual choice, but if you were her client, she’d suggest that you have some food with that first cup, if possible. You’ll be surprised at how it makes you feel.

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