Twitter restores Mastodon accounts and journalists who were suspended

Twitter It has made public via its Safety account that it had “identified several policies Where permanent suspension was considered disproportionate in light of the fact that it was taken to break Twitter rules. Twitter stated that it has begun restoring accounts suspended for breaking those rules. It will continue to do so every week in the coming month. Twitter didn’t give any details about the policies or which accounts would be reinstated. But, after checking, the accounts Mastodon The website’s new doxxing rules have been lifted from journalists who were recently expelled.

We need to look back at the past few days in order to understand what happened. The website banned several accounts in the last week. It started with @ElonJet. This account tracked Elon Musk’s private jet flights using publicly available data. Other accounts that tracked planes of high-profile people and government agencies were also banned.

Musk has his own account announced Any account that “doxxes real-time locations of anyone” will be removed. He followed up with a tweet saying that his child was being “followed” by a “crazy stalker” in a car that was carrying him. He also stated that he was taking legal action against Jack Sweeney (college student who ran @ElonJet and other organizations that supported harm to the child). [his] family.” The @ElonJet account remains suspended as of the writing of this article.

Twitter quickly suspended Mastodon’s Mastodon account when it tweeted a link for the account tracking Musk’s jet. It is worth noting, however, that Twitter appears to have started flagging posts The word “Mastodon”, as “sensitive material”, was used days before the incident. Users found themselves also unable to post links to Mastodon servers.

Twitter was also suspended in protest of Mastodon accounts of several journalists Reporters who cover Elon Musk and the social media network. Many of them spoke about Sweeney, or were linked to @ElonJet in one way or another. Musk’s responses Twitter’s new doxxing rules led to journalists being suspended from answering questions related to the event. One of the journalists banned The Washington Post Drew Harwell shared a screenshot of the tweet the website flagged as doxxing.

Musk was suspended by the journalists. posted a poll Asking people if he should restore the accounts of those who didxx his location in real-time “now” or within 7 days. Musk chose the “now” option. promised These accounts will be restored. Twitter has so far reinstated Harwell’s account and the accounts of The New York Times Ryan Mac, Mashable’s Matt Binder, The Intercept Micah Lee CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan. Keith Olbermann’s Twitter suspended the account. It’s not clear if Twitter will lift @ElonJets suspension in coming days.

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