This heavy-duty steam mop is called a “Workhorse” by users. Right now, it’s 43% off at this unexpected retailer

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True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop

True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop

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Sometimes your flooring It’s important to do a thorough clean. Fortunately, you don’t need harsh chemicals.

Instead of using a mop and bucket system to clean your floors, use a steam mop. A steam mop is not the first thing that springs to mind when we think of sprucing up your flooringIt’s a quicker way to clean your flooring than other methods.

You can grab the deal right now True & Tidy Heavy Duty Steam Mop QVC offers a $50 discount on all of their products. QVC’s current sale On floor care — an even lower cost than Amazon for this highly rated system.

The True & Tidy Steam Mop It features a 360-degree triangle-shaped swivel head that can reach large spaces and maneuver corners. It produces 1,500 watts of steam and can be adjusted with the knob settings at the front to adjust from minimum to maximum power. Easy to fill, the removable water tank can also be used for water storage. It has a filter that can handle any type of water from tap to distilled. It heats up quickly in 30 seconds after being turned on by pressing the button.

True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop

True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop


Get It! True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop, $49.99 (orig. $88.14);

A full tank of water (450ml) will provide steam for approximately 22 minutes. Two thick mop pads come with the steam mop. Each pad can be machine-washable for 100 washes. This will give you plenty of time to use it before you need to replace them. The cleaner includes a bonus feature that many other cleaners don’t have. steam mops You don’t need: The ability to safely clean your carpet with the included carpet glider, which attaches directly to the mop head.

After using the product, customers are raving about their clean floors. True & Tidy Steam MopIt was praised by one reviewer as “a workhorse”, adding that it did everything. [they] It was exactly what they needed. Another shopper agreed, and shared their amazement at the dirt it removed. Their floors now look “almost new.”

Plus, a final reviewer  wrote the steam mop “cleans [their] “Floors to perfection” highlighted how the device was lightweight and durable and works exceptionally well.

Get your floors ready for spring cleaning by giving them the love and attention they deserve. True & Tidy Heavy Duty Steam Mop Add it to your shopping cart while it’s on sale. Hurry, this item is at risk of being sold out.

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