Viewers shocked at support for killer in run

Lee Ingleby, Sonya Cassidy and Vineeta Rishi star in ITV true crime drama The Hunt For Raoul Moat. (ITV)

The Hunt For Raoul Moat, a true crime drama on ITV, stars Vineeta rishi and Sonya cassdy. (ITV)

The Hunt For Raoul Moat has shocked and disgusted many viewers by its depiction of the support given to the killer in 2010 when he fled from the police.

Ingleby, Cassidy, and Rishi are the stars of ITV true crime drama The story of the former prisoner who fled Northumbria following a shooting spree that saw him kill one person, injure two others and then take his own life after a standoff with armed officers.

Matt Stokoe portrays Moat. The media was very interested in his week-long run, which took place in July 2010. Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne Arriving at the crimescene claiming to be a close friend of the fugitive.

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Ingleby, the actor who played Chief Supt. Neil Adamson is shown having a beer in a bar where he hears a group of people chanting, “Raoul Moat’s our mate.

Matt Stokoe stars as Raoul Moat in the ITV drama based on the manhunt for killer in 2010. (ITV)

Matt Stokoe is Raoul Moat, in ITV’s drama based on the hunt for a murderer in 2010. (ITV)

Moat shot and blinded PC David Rathband, whom he mistakenly thought was a policeman, before killing Samantha Stobbart’s new boyfriend Christopher Brown.

The show’s portrayal that the public supported the criminal was offensive to viewers.

One can be a part of the other. tweeted: “I’m literally shocked people were praising Raoul Moat like this and singing songs glorifying him killing coppers ! It’s disgusting. Absolute madness. I hope those people are ashamed #TheHuntforRaoulMoat”

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Raoul Moat was killed in a standoff with armed officers. (ITV)

You can find out more about this by clicking here. said“Genuinely, I cannot believe that Raoul Moat’s carnage was supported and encouraged by people. No one of those monsters victims deserve what he has done to them. My heart breaks for PC David Rathband who was killed simply because he was wearing a uniform. Rest easy, mate. #RaoulMoat”

Another declared: “The more I’m watching about the #RaoulMoat case, the more disturbing it’s becoming. He was actually thought of as a hero, and not merely a victim. It was absolutely terrible for those poor innocent victims.”

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Just one viewer insisted: “There’s dramatisation, there’s artistic licence and then there’s utter b*****ks that defames an entire region. A tiny minority supported #RaoulMoat. The majority of people were shocked by the incident, and blamed it on the system. However, they didn’t believe he was correct.”

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