Aaron Rodgers Declares That He Will Enter a 4-Day “Darkness Retreat” Before Deciding on the NFL Future

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has some big decisions to make this offseason — and he plans to spend four days in darkness working through them.

This week’s episode of The Pat McAfee ShowThe Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, 39 years old, said that he will be going into “isolation” after deciding whether or not to return to the NFL.

[It’s] an opportunity to do a little self-reflection in some isolationRodgers believes that after this, I will be closer to the final, final decision.” said on the show.

Rodgers stated that he would spend four nights in a “darkness refuge” while contemplating his future. Rodgers described the retreat as “sensory isolation,” where he will be alone in total darkness.

“That’s why I think it’s going to be important to get through this week and take my isolation retreat and contemplate all things [related to] He added, “My future,”

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Rodgers stated that the retreat would enable him to “contemplate everything” about his future and make a decision that is best for him moving forward, in my highest interest.

Rodgers stated, “I’ve had many friends who have done this, and had some deeply moving experiences.”

He said: “It’s been something on my radar for several years now and it would be an awesome thing to do regardless of what I was leaning following this season. So it’s been in the calendar for months, months, and months. It’s coming up within a few weeks.”

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Rodgers said that he could also experience hallucinations in isolation.

Rodgers indicated last month that he would be open to the idea of drinking the hallucinogenic beverage. ayahuascaWhich? he has used in the pastAfter he has decided whether to play again.

McAfee told Rodgers in January, “There won’t be another sitting or ceremony before the decision. I can tell you this.” “Perhaps after.”

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Rodgers explained that Rodgers was referring to the three-night event last year in which he consumed ayahuasca and was guided by a shaman. Rodgers explained. Men’s Health He said that he had experienced “incredible” things during the multi-day “journey.”

This month, the NFL legend was in town. Tom Brady After a 23-year career, he was officially retired from the NFL.

Brady and Rodgers, who both will be retiring this year, will be eligible to join the Hall of Fame.

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