Is there a free roll on Gatorade colors this year?

Jim Nantz is a lying liar. He’s lying when he says that the Masters is “A tradition unlike any others.” Only one tradition matters in sports: the Super Bowl’s head coaches getting doused in Gatorade. It’s almost a flawless ritual that can only be improved by the losing side pouring Powerade onto their head skipper.

Gatorade baths are a great way to satisfy our basic sports fan needs. It triggers the same schadenfreude that we experienced as kids while watching others get slimed on Nickelodeon. It answers the burning question, “What would Andy Reid look if he was wet?” This information is already available for Nick Sirianni. Always Looks wet and yet severely dehydrated.

The best thing about this is the anticipation for the unveiling of this exclusive product placement. What color will the Gatorade bath be? That’s an actual wager you can make at BetMGM This Sunday’s big game. You won’t the only one. More bets were placed on the Gatorade bath in last year’s Super Bowl than any player props.

Here are the odds that BetMGM has provided before we speculate about how to play Gatorade in Super Bowl LVII.

Gatorade bath colors

  • Yellow/Green +275

  • Orange +300

  • Blue +375

  • Red/Pink +500

  • Clear/Water +600

  • Purple +900

  • No Gatorade poured +1400

Wet is the champion

Gatorade showers are relatively new and can be used for both the Philadelphia Eagles And the Kansas City Chiefs.

I am not as interested in the yellow/green Gatorade shower administered to Doug Pederson in 2018 Although the Super Bowl was won by the Eagles, there’s something to be said about the power of superstition. My attention was drawn to the Lemon Lime sugar water that Sirianni received a couple of weeks ago, when Philly beat San Francisco in the NFC.

We’ve seen the results of Kansas City winning a Super Bowl. 2020 Reid luxuriated in an orange Gatorade bath As Patrick Mahomes The Lombardi Trophy was won by the Chiefs.

An anonymous ex-Gatorade executive was quoted by an article published by The Athletic on MondayAccording to him, there could be up to three coolers of different flavors on the sidelines. The winning bath is also “intentionally randomized.” It would be a strange coincidence, then, that blue Gatorade was consumed at every Super Bowl. the only color dumped When Tom Brady And all the other winners poured out a hue that matched their team colors.

If we assume that the Chiefs will store orange electrolytes and the Eagles the same with Lemon Lime Gatorade in their coolers, then we can execute a Super Bowl freeroll the following:

Let’s suppose you want to place 100 dollars on the Gatorade Bath Prop. As a hedge, you can place $46 on yellow/green @ +275, $43 for orange at +300 and $11 on “no Gatorade Bath” at +1400.this has happened twice in the last decade). If any of these hits, your profit is $72.50 on yellow/green and $72 on orange. It will also be $65 without a Gatorade soak.

MIAMI GARDENS FL, FEBRUARY 02: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs head coach, gets gatorade poured over him after he wins Super Bowl LIV in Miami Gardens, FL on February 2, 2020. (Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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