Biden renominates Democrat SLaughter as U.S. antitrust enforcer

WASHINGTON (Reuters] – U.S. President Joe Biden renominated Democrat Rebecca Kelly Slaughter as Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission has been trying to tighten antitrust enforcement with mixed results.

Slaughter was initially sworn into office in 2018. He was the acting chair of the commission during the president’s term. Lina Khan could then be brought onboard.

Khan and Slaughter supported Khan’s efforts to tackle a variety of issues. This included creating a rule that would eliminate more noncompete agreements, as well as difficult merger challenges such the acquisition by Facebook parent Meta of Within Unlimited virtual reality content maker. The agency’s request for a halt to the deal was denied by a federal judge.

Christine Wilson (Republican) and Alvaro Beya (Democrat) are also members of the FTC. The FTC enforces antitrust laws and rules against deceptive practice. One seat is vacant.

(Reporting by Diane Bartz, Editing by Alison Williams

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