Kelsey McEwen, a Canadian meteorologist, retorts at the criticisms of her on-air outfit

Canadian TV personality Kelsey McEwen hits back at body shamer via Instagram/ @kelseymcewen

Kelsey McEwen (Canadian meteorologist) is attacking an outfit shamer again. (Photo via @kelseymcewen

Kelsey McEwen Haters are not to be ignored.

CTV’s Canadian meteorologist, “Your Morning,” shared a powerful message on Sunday with her Instagram followers to address a negative comment made by a viewer regarding her outfit.

The Instagram ReelMcEwen was dressed in a white single-sleeve shirt with black trousers. Behind the text, McEwen made two remarks about her appearance.

One fan said, “Kelsey looks just like a Greek goddess in her white dress.” wroteMcEwen was given a very different response by another viewer.

“Who would allow you to appear on television in that way?” You are not clubbing. They say you’re a sad excuse to be a weather girl.” commentedMcEwen has a similar opinion. replied:

They will love you and they’ll hate your. “Ignore them all, and be your number one fan,” said the overlay text.

The TV personality doubled-down on her caption, explaining that it’s impossible for everyone to be happy so she decided not to try.

Some prefer their tea strong. Some prefer it with sugar. Some like fruit flavours. Some don’t like it at all,” she penned. “You’ll never be able to be everyone’s cup of tea. It would be exhausting trying. Instead, harness that energy and find the things you love, then go for it. Do you.”

She thanked everyone who was “triggered” to expose her naked shoulder.

“Honestly, thank you to those so triggered by the sight of a woman’s bare shoulder and arm. McEwen: “It reminds me how much work there is to be done.” concluded.

McEwen’s defense was celebrated in the comments.

“People who post such messages must have very sad lives. An Instagram user wrote, “You are beautiful and a joy for me to see every morning.” wrote.

“I can sense some misogyny coming from the person who left that comment. Your outfit is perfect for your job and it’s stunning. Bravo for speaking up! a commenter chimed in.

“What is wrong about people?” If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. “I think you are amazing!” You are a fan commented.

One person joked“I think you should wear a crop top to really make them feel sick.” You’re gorgeous.”

In February McEwen fired back A Twitter user was shamed by another of her on-air outfits.

“Welcome back @KelseyMcEwen#WeatherGirl @YourMorning,” was the comment reads. “How come none of your cohorts haven’t told you #PantyLines #CamelToe #BubbleButt #RedIsNotYourFriend.”

McEwen replied to the tweet, telling the commenter that she doesn’t feel shame about her appearance.

“Listen, my body is mine, bubble butt and camel toe included,” she penned. Your words bring me zero shame. Your feelings about me and my body are not a problem. What about red? Red is [fire]. The only thing that isn’t my friend here, is you.”

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