‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Chris Carmack and Camilla Lundy on Link and Jo’s Budding Romance – ‘It Gets Messier’

“Things get complicated in their personal and family lives and it kind of makes the straight trajectory of their romance not so straight,” Carmack shares of his character’s relationship with Jo

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Will Jo Wilson, Atticus “Link”, Lincoln finally get together? Grey’s Anatomy?

The Grey’s Anatomy PaleyFest on Sunday Camilla Luddington Chris Carmack They teased the possibility that there might be a budding love between their characters in the ABC medical drama.

Luddington, who plays Jo shared his thoughts with a group including PEOPLE, “It gets more complicated between them, like insanely.”

Carmack, who portrays Link, stated that things get complicated in their family and personal lives.

Luddington replied, “Or their friendship!”

Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

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Luddington, 39 years old, said that the relationship between the longtime friendships is “really complicated” now and that the pals are “testing their friendship, but I don’t think it’s really testing our romance. Maybe?”

“There is nothing to test right now. They have made the decision to, you understand, be friends. But it’s hard to tell,” Carmack, 42, said.

The O.C. The alum said that living together with “massive feelings” for one another could lead to trouble. He jokedly asked “What could go wrong?”

Liliane Lathan/ABC

Liliane Lethan/ABC

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Luddington also discussed the connection between Jo and Link during the panel discussion. They have almost gotten together many times throughout the series.

She said that this was the most important relationship she has, and it is more important than her relationship with her son. He’s been her friend for so many years. “So, I think there is a dance going right now because obviously she doesn’t want to ruin it. She has never experienced stability. This is her family.

She said, “This friendship could last forever. So I believe a lot rests on that friendship. It really means everything to me.”

Raymond Liu/abc

Raymond Liu/abc

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Carmack described their relationship as a potential blooming romance and said, “I think Jo’s friendship has gotten better.” [Link] A long way to go.”

Fans know that Jo and Link have experienced many ups and downs in the past few seasons. They never seem to be able to get their timing just right.

Link shared the news earlier this season his true feelings for Jo In a conversation that he had with Teddy. “I’m kinda nuts about Jo,” he said, adding that he was worried that he “blew it”.

Jo (Caterina Scorsone), told Amelia (in an episode last month) that Link was “perfect” After witnessing his caring nature towards a patient.

Last week, the duo shared an emotional moment after Link saved a patient’s lives. Link was there to comfort her when she was in tears in the elevator. Finally, she broke down.

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