Draymond Green reacts incredulously to the new 2023-24 NBA CBA

Draymond’s incredulous reaction to reported new CBA terms Original publication: NBC Sports Bayarea

Details of the NBA’s Annual Meeting new Collective Bargaining Agreement This would have significant implications for the Warriors’ spending. Draymond Green isn’t happy.

The Golden State veteran expressed dissatisfaction with the tentative agreement on Saturday morning. However, the NBA confirmed Friday night that it had reached an agreement. It has not yet revealed the details. Green was the first to react. details from ESPN’s Adrian WojnarowskiThe source said that the Warriors might not be eligible for the Taxpayer Midlevel Exception in future seasons.

Under a second luxury tax apron — $17.5 million above the luxury tax line, per Wojnarowski — the Warriors wouldn’t have been able to sign Donte DiVincenzo last summer. According to Green, the new terms reported by NBA players hurt more than they help.

The Warriors will be impacted by the new tax apron, but it could also impact Green’s future at the Bay. Green, 33 years old, could opt in to his $27.6million contract option for the 2023-24 NBA Season. There are new extensions. Jordan Poole And Andrew Wiggins Golden State will be subject to the Taxpayer Middle-Level Exception in Free Agency. They would also have to complete the roster with veteran minimum contract.

The Warriors could trade Green and other high-priced veterans, leaving the front desk with many difficult decisions.

Green also protested against the CBA’s new in-season tournament prize cash.

The forward didn’t stop at sharing his opinion.

Dub Nation, never one to remain silent, can expect to hear more about the changes from Green and the Warriors in the coming days.

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