NFL Season 2019: Fantasy fresh starts, new beginnings and more!

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The podcast is very sentimental as Matt Harmon hosts his last episode. Los Angeles He will be moving to Virginia before making the long distance move. We thought that with Harmon starting a new chapter, we should highlight some of the most exciting “fresh starts” in this year’s NFL season.

Andy Behrens is a special guest on this episode to discuss Matt Ryan, Matt’s marriage and moving. Harmon and Behrens discuss Ryan’s transition from the CBS booth to if he can be considered a Hall of Fame candidate. The two try to identify young AFC QBs who could have a Matt Ryan like career.

Andy and Matt discuss their top five fresh starts that they think could have a major impact on fantasy football. Although both had their lists kept secret before the game, they ended up picking the same team as the top pick.

Collin Brennan makes his podcast debut as well to defend his beloved. Dallas Cowboys Matt Harmon’s decision has sparked a debate about whether there are any similarities between the two. Aaron RodgersMove to New York

Matt Harmon’s cross-country move is going well.

4:36 – Is Matt Ryan in the Hall of Fame?

9:43 – Which young AFC quarterback is this generation’s Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers?

18:14 Identifying fantasy football fresh starts

19:44 Does this new TE realize his potential at Cincy?

24:46 – Why? Nick Chubb Has a fresh start in Cleveland

28:54 – Another Clevelander looking for a new start

36:55 – Why a Dalvin-Cook-Minnesota Divorce is a good thing for all

43:23 Why Sean Payton is the freshest start in Denver

55:18 The Ravens’ entire offense hits the refresh button

58:18 – Calvin RidleyNew beginnings in Jacksonville

1:02 – Why Washington Fresh start in multiple ways

1:11:56 – Is Matt Harmon Aaron Rodgers?

1:13:23 – Matt says goodbye to LA

Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens share their list of the top 5 moves made this offseason that will have the biggest fantasy impact this season.

Matt Harmon & Andy Behrens list the top five fantasy moves they’ve made during the offseason.

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