Giants’ Isaiah Hodgins likens Daniel Jones to Josh Allen

There were many comparisons from the moment Joe Schoen, the general manager, and Brian Daboll the head coach assumed control of the New York Giants.

Daniel Jones would be the next one to go after what Daboll had done in Buffalo for Josh Allen. Was he the next Josh Allen or?

It turns out that these questions were being asked well before Schoen and Daboll joined Giants. Players on the Bills saw Jones as a Josh Allen lite. Or a “baby Josh Allen,” if you will.

“It’s funny because a lot of the players used to call Daniel Jones ‘Baby Josh Allen’ when we were over there,” Hodgins said while appearing on WFAN’s Tiki & Tierney.

“That was kind of like the joke … when it was my rookie year, (the Bills) were like ‘Hey, you know who’s gonna be Josh in a couple of years?’”

Even for those with an irrational hatred for Jones, the similarities are evident. Their strength, speed and style are very similar. Jones’ first year under Daboll was a similar one to Allen in many aspects.

“I definitely see it,” Hodgins said. “The way he can use his legs, which you saw more as the season went on, and how comfortable he was throwing on the run. This opens up the offense and allows the defense to prepare for a completely different element. Combine that with his arm and his decision-making and prep, he’s got a lot of success coming his way.”

Giants believe Jones can be signed to a contract, and that he will evolve into Josh Allen.


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Story originally appeared on Giants Wire

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