Gretchen Rossi Posts Video of Special Moments Daughter Shared With Him, In Memory Of Slade Smiley

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi (Photo by Stewart Cook/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images); gretchenrossi Verified �� We love you Gray 1h

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi (Photo by Stewart Cook/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images); gretchenrossi Verified �� We love you Gray 1h

Stewart Cook/Variety/Penske Media/Getty; Gretchen Christine Rossi/Instagram

Gretchen Rossi is remembering the special moments as she mourns the loss of her fiancé Slade Smiley’s son.

Rossi (44), announced Tuesday that Grayson Smiley-Arroyo died. He was 22 years old. Michelle Arroyo his mother confirmed his death several years after he was first diagnosed with brain tumors.

Rossi shared a touching message on Wednesday showing Grayson with her 3-year-old girl. Skylar Gray — whom she shares with Smiley — enjoying a little sibling love.

Grayson allows Grayson to play with his sister’s cool gadgets while Grayson tinkers around. Skylar and Grayson pose together for a picture before Skylar is seen standing on Grayson’s bed.

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“💔 We love you GrayRossi added the sentimental message to his post.

In her Instagram Stories, she thanked her fans and shared a video showing Skylar playing with a doll while Grayson is nearby. The sweet clip was captioned with “Skylar Gray Loved You Gray”

Rossi shared photos of Grayson and Smiley over the years in her original post, which shared news about Grayson’s passing.

“Our rational minds told us this day might come, but our hearts always held onto the hope that this day would not come to fruition 💔,” wrote the reality star, 44. “We are beyond devastated Grayson Arroyo-Smiley was a special human being. 😔 Grayson Arroyo–Smiley was a truly special person.”

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She recalled Grayson’s qualities as an “angel on Earth” and “an amazing warrior”, and how he kept his positive attitude despite his health problems.

Grayson was highly praised by her, even though his life was short on earth.

“The Lord knew that his life was important and would bless many.”

“This isn’t goodbye but rather see you soon little man…..We love you Grayson. You will forever be in our hearts ❤️ Love your Dad, Gretchen & your sister Skylar Gray” wrote Rossi.

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Grayson died at home. Arroyo shared additional details in her post. She said that Grayson’s heart stopped while he was there and that she tried to give Grayson chest compressions until the medics arrived.

She said that he looked healthy and was breathing normally when he arrived at the hospital. However, his heart stopped at the hospital.

“I don’t know everything, but I do have the following: The last few months with fevers and infection, as well as low potassium, took a lot out of my sweet boy. I’m still in shock, and trying to deal with every detail.

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Michelle ended her post on a positive note by writing, “I know Gray’s playing cards with Gramma, and Trouble with our beloved Diane.” As he never left him, his dog Mo is always by his side.

Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer Michelle’s support site states that he was 6 in 2006, three days after turning 6.

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