Shoppers say this portable air purifier costs less than $40 and gives them peace of mind wherever they go

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This system has two stages of filtration that eliminates dust and allergens.

<p>Real Simple / Tyler Roeland</p>

Real Simple / Tyler Roeland

We have no control over the world outside of our own homes. It’s impossible to stop your cubicle mate spraying their body perfume or picking the person next to you during a flight. Pure Enrichment can help you to control the air you breathe. PureZone Portable Air Purifier.

According to the manufacturer, it captures and eliminates 99.7 per cent of pet dander and pollen. The compact device measures just 3 inches wide and 8.5 inches high. A removable handle makes it portable and easy to carry. And don’t worry about it switching on when not in use: To prevent accidentally turning on the mini air purifier when stowing it away in your luggage, one shopper suggested To cover the power switch, keep the handle down.

PureZone’s single button control allows you to select from low, medium and high fan speeds, regardless of whether the PureZone is placed upright or on its side. A 12-hour rechargeable lithium battery is a great feature for those who travel with airborne irritants. Maintain the filter by replacing it every six months. top-selling purifier. It is also available in fun colors such as blush pink and navy blue.


To purchase: Coupon for $38 (was $50);

According to one reviewerThe air purifier is suitable for those who live in tiny spaces, such as 13-foot campers. “The handle attachment is my favorite feature for our purposes. We can hang the filter in multiple places without taking up too much counter space.

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“The PureZone Mini Portable Air purifier has provided me with much peace of mind throughout the pandemic, especially during this year’s flu season.” another buyer raved In December 2022. It was also their “best purchase” of the year.

Take care of the immediate environment and clear the air around your home with the PureZone Portable Air Purifier. Amazon has the item for $38, with a coupon and a sale. Take advantage of the double discount and get it while you still have the chance.

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