I Tried Hero Cosmetics’ Brand-New Acne Patches—Here Are My Honest Thoughts & An Exclusive Promo Code

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I’m a pimple patch addict through and through, and by that, I mean I’m the type of person who regularly orders them in bulk from Amazon. I always need to have a pack on hand for when pesky blemishes show up on my face, but sometimes, the patches don’t seem to do much to my pimple when I remove the sticker the following morning. Acne patches have improved over time. Some, like Hero Cosmetics’ new Mighty Patch Micropoint XL for BlemishesYou can find a lot of micro-darts that provide acne-fighting ingredients.

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It might be time for you to consider upgrading to the hydrocolloid patches, if you have noticed that they are losing effectiveness. Micropoint XL for Blemishes. These ones are special in that they’re specifically made to go on top of early-stage blemishes. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stuck hydrocolloid patches onto emerging spots and seen literally no changes the next day. Hero Cosmetics developed this product specifically to treat early-stage pimples in small groups. They are usually on my jawline, cheeks, and chin. The Micropoint XL is perfect for blemishes. I only need one patch. 

Ju RhyuStyleCaster speaks with Judith, co-founder and CEO at Hero Cosmetics about the inspiration that prompted her team to create this product. She explains, “Our original Micropoint for Blemishes patches They are perfect for single breakouts. But, our community requested something with more surface to allow for cluster breakouts. We listened, and we created our Micropoint XL for Blemishes patches.”

Courtesy of Hero Cosmetics.

Hero Cosmetics.

Micropoint XL for Blemishes $20.39 (was $23.99)

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Apart from the fact that the acne patches are three-times larger than the regular, Micropoint for Blemishes stickersThis new version is packed with skin-loving ingredients. These 1,385 Micropoints dissolve quickly and are rich in salicylic acid as well as sodium hyaluronate (niacinamide), willow bark, and niacinamide. Rhyu says, “We use salicylic acid To unclog the pores which can lead to those underground breakouts. They also contain sodium hyaluronate, which is the carrier for the active ingredients but also super hydrates skin.”

All of this, plus more niacinamide willow bark Calm your skin and moisturize. “As you can see, we mix the active ingredient (salicylic acid) with a lot of gentle and soothing ingredients to ensure it’s effective on the problem but also kind on the skin,” she adds.

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If you’re concerned about the patches potentially being too potent for your skin and further irritating it, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. The Micropoint XL for Blemishes The product has been clinically proven to be non-irritating, safe for sensitive skin, and is free from parabens. I’ve applied the patches several times now, and have experienced nothing but positive results. I’ve woken up to many early-stage blemishes looking and feeling much flatter. The patches stopped my spots before they even had a chance to truly surface on my face—and that, ladies and gents, is exactly what you want in a pimple patch. I tried a similar product once and was horrified at how micro-prickly they were. After removing the patch, my skin looked more reddened and irritated. MicrpointXL for Blemishes did not cause any such irritation. They’re pain-free and so much gentler on my skin.

I’m glad I’ve found a product that I can rely on to stop my blemishes in their tracks. However, there are times when I have zero self-control and pick at a pimple even though I know I shouldn’t. It happens to all of us. Thank you Hero Cosmetics’ Micropoint for Dark Spots patches, there’s no need to sweat it. The Mighty Patch is a unique version that targets dark spots. The Mighty Patch works with sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide. kojic acid, tranexamic acid vitamin CAfter a blemish, the patches lighten the skin.

Courtesy of Hero Cosmetics.

Hero Cosmetics.

Micropoint for Dark Spots $11.04 (was $12.99)

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I’ve applied these acne patches a few times now and was seriously shocked the next morning. I applied one to a very bad spot on my face that had developed from a deep, stubborn pimple. That mark was so stubborn that I believed nothing could erase it. But, boy was I wrong. It is the. Micropoint for Blemishes lightened the area—overnight, might I add—and I was able to even out my skin tone. 

But don’t let me gatekeep these gentle yet effective acne patches any longer. Get the Micropoint XL for Blemishes, Micropoint for Blemishes Micropoint for Dark Spots Hero Cosmetics offers all of these products online. You can even save 15% on these three products using our exclusive promo code Enter code between February 7 and March 1 MICROPOINT15 Save money on acne creams that can transform how you approach treating blemishes

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