John Wick 4 director Lance Reddick says Lance Reddick was always willing to do whatever’s best’ for the franchise

Warning: This article contains significant spoilers John Wick: Chapter.

The just-released John Wick: Chapter 4, Ian McShane‘s Winston, the manager of New York’s criminal-fraternity-welcoming Continental Hotel, is in trouble with the High Table for not properly murdering Keanu ReevesThe film’s titular hit man. As a punishment, he was sentenced by Bill SkarsgårdThe Marquis de Gramont is a villain. He is very severe. The Marquis destroys the Continental and executes Winston’s friend and second-in-command, Charon (played by the late, great). Lance Reddick.

Lance Reddick as Charon in John Wick Chapter 4

Lance Reddick portrays Charon in John-Kick Chapter 4.

Lionsgate Lance Reddick, ‘John Wick Chapter 4’

Reddick was the first to play Charon in 2014’s franchise opener John Wick. According to filmmaker Chad StahelskiHe has helmed all four John Wick Films, the decision not to kill the character was not taken lightly.

“Lance has been an integral part of our crew from the beginning,” Stahelski said to EW shortly before the ceremony. news of Reddick’s death broke. “You don’t want to kill a character for a joke. You know, if you’re uncreative, and you can’t think of something cool to do, and you don’t know how to get a good emotional response, you kill them — we didn’t want anybody to think we were just doing that. It’s difficult to make a movie about fate and death when there aren’t any consequences. It was possible to do it without this scene. There were many versions of the scene, and some had other characters. No matter who we tried to kill it didn’t end in the same way that Winston went on his own adventure.

Stahelski says that Reddick and he spoke for hours about Reddick’s final lines and the death scene.

Director: “I wasn’t going to say, ‘You’re going die’ without any thought. We discussed it for weeks. Lance said, “Well, Lance, it was an honor being with you, my buddy.” Can I tie it in?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, dude. It’s important to understand the cast and work with them to make it all work.

The director said, “Lance & Ian really put a lot time and thought into this. This is when you can see Lance Reddick’s character. He’s able to understand and is willing to do whatever’s best for the film. Lance made each one of these movies better by his presence.

John Wick: Chapter 4 This film is currently in theaters

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