Mississippi tornado kills 24, and causes devastation in the US

Rescue efforts are ongoing following one of the most deadly tornadoes to hit Mississippi.

At least 24 people were killed in the tornado that struck Friday night. More are likely to be trapped below the rubble from destroyed buildings.

Many rural communities were devastated by the twister, which tore down trees and cut power lines.

Many southern states are also ready for severe storms.

A tornado caused severe damage to Mississippi communities after the storm system that swept through Mississippi created a strong storm. Many buildings were destroyed in small towns by the largest twister, which flipped cars upside down and toppled power lines.

According to Rolling Fork’s mayor, one of these small towns has been virtually eradicated. It is located in Sharkey County, western Mississippi.

CNN reported that Mayor Eldridge Walker said, “My city has gone.” “But we are resilient and we will come back.”

He said that many families in his area were “affected” and “hurting”, and all he could see is “devastation”.

Rolling Fork residents claim that their windows were damaged at the back of homes.

CNN spoke with Brandy Showah, a local resident who said: “I’ve never witnessed anything like this… It was a small, beautiful town. Now it’s gone.

Cornel Knight stated to the Associated Press that he and his wife, along with their 3-year-old daughter, were staying at a relative’s house in Rolling Fork just before the tornado struck. Although the sky was dark, he said that you could still see the direction of every tornado blowing.

He stated that the tornado hit another relative’s house where a wall fell and trapped many people.

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves will be visiting Sharkey County in order to meet the first victims of the tornado’s fury.

Twitter update by Mr Reeves: Reeves describes the situation as “tragedy” and writes: “We’re blessed with loving neighbours and brave, capable respondents. Please keep praying.

Joe Biden, US President, described Mississippi’s images as “heartbreaking”, and added that the federal government will do all it can to help.

“We will remain there for as long as it takes. “We will work together to offer the support that you need to recuperate,” he stated in a statement.

It is unclear if one or more tornadoes struck the area Friday night. Although the National Weather Service had warned yesterday that there were several tornadoes forecast, it is possible that the devastation caused by a “skipping twister” — a single twister lifting from the surface and touching down again – was not as expected.

Sam Emmerson, from the School of Meteorology at University of Oklahoma, stated that the tornado lifted debris to a height of 9144m (930,000ft).

Concerned about the potential tornado that could hit Amery, a local forecaster temporarily paused his TV forecast in order to pray for the residents.

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