Mark Labbett, aka “The Beast”, is a happy bunny about weight loss

Mark Labbett has lost around 10 stone. (Getty Images)

Mark Labbett lost approximately 10 stone. (Getty Images)

The Chase star Mark Labbett Fans have heard him say he’s a “happy bunny” because he slipped into smaller shirts during his time in the midst of his. ongoing weight loss.

The TV star, who is also known as “The Beast” in the quiz show, has been working hard to shed the pounds and has lost an astonishing 10 stone.

He keeps his fans updated TwitterLabbett said that he was happy with the results, as he has seen a reduction in his clothes size.

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He tweeted, “Just received 18.5 inch work shirts by the lovely people @DoubleTWOshirts (and a few 19s)”.

“Considering I used be 22-inch collar, I am a very happy bunny :).”

Fans congratulated the star for his hard work in getting in shape and said that he looked “great”.

One fan said, “Well done!” and added a clapping emoji.

“Awesome Mark! You are doing amazing!” Another person tweeted.

Mark Labbett has been a part of both incarnations of the American edition of 'The Chase', most recently on ABC. (ABC via Getty Images)

The Chase made Mark Labbett famous. (ABC via Getty Images).

Somebody else said: “Well done Mark! Keep up the great work!

Another TV star fan commented, “Weight loss won’t make any difference in your phenomenal recall of general knowledge.”

“You are respected and a top man.

“Good luck with reaching your personal weight goal.”

The 57-year old quiz champion revealed that he weighed 29stone at his highest and that this was in addition to the fact that he had previously lost 5 stone. he was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago.

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In 2021, he also spoke. The Sun He said that he had lost 10 stones and that he was the heaviest he had been for 25 years.

Labbett joked about his slimming down as he began to upload photos to Instagram.

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