Foodpanda rider takes extra trips to return change and brings gift

Foodpanda rider talking on the phone and four chocolate bars

Foodpanda rider (left) and chocolate bars (Photos: Getty Images & Siti Nurfatin Atin)

SINGAPORE — A Singapore Foodpanda rider earned plaudits online after he made a second trip to return a customer her change, and even gave chocolates to her children.

This viral post was posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group Siti Nurfatin atin, 34 years old, wrote Friday (17/03/) that she ordered dinner at McDonald’s Regal Jalan Bulkit Merah for her family of two and her seven-year-old niece.

The Indian man in his mid-20s was the delivery rider. He arrived at her door at 11 58 pm with food, but didn’t have enough change for her $50 note. Siti didn’t prepare any cash tips or small change as she believed he would return the money via PayNow.

Siti promised to return her money after her next order and the men exchanged numbers. The part-time sales representative wrote that she felt empathy for the rider’s needs as her husband was also a Grab food rider, and that small amounts of change are not practical.

Siti told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore He arrived back at their house around 12.40 am, as they were still enjoying supper. He also gave her four chocolate bars.

Siti said, “It didn’t cross my mind” that he would bring the chocolate and change to my children.

Rider declines tip offer. Netizens request women to review Rider

Siti tried to tip him via PayNow but he didn’t have a PayNow account. He refused to give Siti his PayNow number and instead asked her to “tip others in need”.

“This rider is honest and trustworthy. This rider proved that it is not easy to trust people these days. Siti.

The site has received a flood of comments. Facebook post Many asked Siti if she had tipped the rider, and hoped that her positive review would be enough to give him credit for his excellent delivery service.

A user commented, “I hope that you did give him tip.”

“I hope you tip him. One user said that the cost of chocolates is higher than the trip he took.”

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